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5ABB is Synthetic cannabinoids or synthetic marijuana  belonging to a large family of chemically unrelated structures. Most importantly, 5ABB mimic the action of  THC. THC is a primary psychoactive constituent of marijuana.  In addition, other examples of Schedule I controlled substances include heroin and LSD. Synthetic cannabinoids mimic the effects of marijuana.

What are the signs and symptoms of 5ABB use?
Increased heart rate and blood pressure are common adverse effects. Nonetheless, agitation, irritability, nausea and vomiting, confusion, drowsiness, headache, electrolyte abnormalities and seizures are common. Equally, severe side effects may include acute renal failure. Besides, there are significant negative effects on the CVS and central CNS.

What are the risks of 5ABB?
Above all, health problems are linked to the use of drugs. Interestingly, severe hospitalised intoxicated are frequent in NPS users.  there have also been a number of unexplained suicides after the use of synthetic cannabinoids. Death is an associated factor.

What is the legal situation?
NPS are not under international control. Many countries have established permanent control measures for some substances or issued temporary bans. The 1961 and 1971 convention mechanism has reviewed only a few chemical substances. NPS are also a challenge for prevention and treatment. As such, credible information is needed.

In conclusion, it is particularly important to create risk awareness among young people. Prevention measures should also target experienced users.