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What is 4-ho-met
4-HO-MET is a lesser-known psychedelic drug. It is the analogue of MET. 4-HO-MET was first synthesized by Alexander Shulgin.

This substance is chemically similar to the natural occurring substances found among fungi.

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Pharmacological effects
Very little is known about these new compound.  Rarely are they subject of studies in humans or
animals. Therefore, no one really knows about long-term effects, addiction, toxic  risks, or possible side effect.

There is a fair general characterization of the drug, but its tendency to be recreational and free mind should not be overstated. Some users experience strong mental effects at common doses. Conversely, for a large portion of users, it will eventually become intense if high enough doses are used.  A proper set and setting remain important factors for reducing the risks and enhancing the positive aspects of the drug.

With impaired, difficult and stressful communication. But however having social trust with people   more enjoyable is a plus.