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What is 4-ho-dipt
4-HO-DIPT is a psychedelic.  To begin with, this drug likely has similar effects to substances in mushrooms. It has a rapid onset and relatively short duration for a drug of its class.

Being a lesser-known psychedelic substance of the class. Ohh this drug has excellent head qualities which gives you great feel. Mostly, it is structurally related to   4-HO-DMT, 4-HO-MiPT , and 4-HO-DET  .

Today, is users use 4-HO-DiPT for both recreational  purposes. It is relatively uncommon and sometime distributed over the internet research chemical market. Generally speaking, very little known properties, metabolism, and toxicity in humans, and with a limited history of human use. Principally, always use harm reduction practices when using this drug.

Effects of 4-HO-DIPT
Besides, users are not always aware of their purchase and chemical constituents. As such, there exist many associated risks.  This include overdose, repeated and incorrect route of consumption.
In conclusion, the routes of consumption are one of the key factors that need to be evaluated.  As such, can be taken orally or injected, or can be smoked or inhaled. Finally, increased effects with respect to dose and delayed onset of effects.
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