Honestly been my go to made like 6 purchases of flu alp testing is the same every time with breaks to make sure the price is honestly perfect compared to other domestics keep up the good work guys


I have never had a single issue with quality, ordering, the mail or anything. I wish he had more products!





rc lord

I am a satisfied customer!!!There is a slight delay in the process at first, but I take that to be a good sign that they have been careful with my order. The usps tracking number shows it has been shipped to me and is expected to be delivered in five days. Not bad. Haven't had a chance to put the sample to the test yet, but I will report back!


If you have any doubt, don't. This guy is awesome. I've ordered and he's always had amazing things. I was short like .4o cents one time and he was kind enough to email me. I think the negative comments are other companies and not real people


100% legit just follow instructions tested by lab exact numbers they put we got

Helpful will get you your products if you don't hit the button. After payment starts to arrive the order will get canceled so loo I'm at the whole page when paying. Also it takes up to 3 days to update so don't think there scamming you. Sobriety delusions are real cuz I got a script of bars and don't even feel 1 full on shakes my oder came was shaking so much had to just take a sip went to sleep for hrs. So be careful its 100% the other non liquid mixture, gsmc score 97Ùª Flubromazolam the test confirmed hcl even tho its not water saluble






I've used theese guys for about 6 7 yrs now what they have had recently .....very impressive flualp an flubromazolam now the have bromazolam in solution we will just have to see how my test subjects do with the bromaz but quality is awesome right now just saying. In the past they've been good to me as well. All you pian in the asses out there just let them do thier job I get it your putting out money you probably worked hard for. But theese guys are a NO FAIL...SCREW PROX ....NOT HEARING THE BEST THINGS 


Proximo is the legit. I’ve never not gotten an order I’ve paid for. They actually got me turned onto the world of Bitcoin since they stopped other methods.

Tip: If you’re new to RCs give the tinctures a try and then learn how to make your own, your product will go further and id say more potent.
There little vials are like for testing the powers really.

The clonaz powders I’ve received have always been perfect. They’re expensive but reliable and consistent, I went out on an adventure to see what was up with other vendors and landed back firmly with AC. Id rather over pay and know what I’m getting then get scammed or love letters from customs.

Just don’t annoy them leave them be and be respectful when you communicate. Your package will come and fast. 5/5


Very happy with the research. The strength seems spot on. It just takes 5 or 6 days to here but other than that it was a pleasant experience


Ive made 3 orders from AC and paid the extra for 1-2 day shipping and came on time all 3 times. The product was exactly what I was hoping for. Be careful though, I messed and made a mistake and thought it was on their end at first so I emailed them a complaint and got banned lol. They need a redeem option because I realized shortly after it was my mess up. Either way I still give them a 5/5 because everything was top notch and on time.





James B

Company delivers quickly. Products for analytical research seem to be diluted heavily, but at least it’s not a complete scam. They’ll work, but you’re better off finding something better to do analytical research.Proximo prides themselves on that type of service.”

Julia E

.Great company. I've ordered at least 5 times and never had any issues with quality or customer service.they accept bitcoins zelle and cashapps it makes things alot easier

Don Dunlap

“Proximo  is legit with a shortage on resources. I say this because after ordering 5 bottles of Clonazolam on August 6th I was shocked to see how I could go through a 1/3rd of the bottle in the 1 day without coming close to slurring or black out territory. I tested the waters with their new supply that came in last Friday and it’s heavily diluted as far as my research.