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Sold in pellet form and supplied for research only! does not advocate the abuse of any research chemical, and sells Etizolam for research only.

Buy etizolam 2mg Pellets  As with all the chemicals that we stock. Etizolam is not approved for any type of in-vivo research (i.e. not in humans or animals) or for clincial trials. If accidently ingested then immediate medical attention should be sought. Therefore, ensure you adhere to standard laboratory safety practices including using suitable skin, eye and clothing protection.

Equally, Etizolam has similar pharmacological profile than benzodiazepines. Also, It acts by allosterically potentiating chloride currents induced by GABA in GABA-A receptors.
However, it has been shown some differences in its actions.  This showed that etizolam induced lower tolerance than lorazepam in rats repeatedly treated with the drugs. For instance, Shown to possess mainly anxiolytic effect but not sedative effects probably due to its lower intrinsic activity at a1 subunit containing GABA receptors

Side effects                     vs                                    Withdrawal
Anterograde  amnesia                                               Anxiety
Rapid Tolerance                                                         Irritability
Dependence                                                                 Dysphonia
Severe withdrawal                                                      Decreased concentration
Injection injuries                                                         Insomnia /Malaise
Dizziness                                                                       Nausea
Blurred vision                                                              Muscle twitching / tremors
Nausea                                                                           Sweating
Appetite changes                                                         Convulsions

Current and Past National Controls

Interestingly, Etizolam is under national control in Denmark, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom but not the USA. Not authorised for medical use  in the United States,  by the FDA. Presently, its unscheduled but it is legal for research purposes. Some states have declared etizolam as a controlled substance. (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, Virginia, and Georgia. In august 5, 2017, It will be controlled in Arizona. To know, Controlled in Indiana since July 1, 2017.

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